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I am a multi-disciplinary specialist in technology and multimedia: sound-design, video editing, coding, cinematography and communications. Experienced in conceptual thinking, problem solving, ideas framing and prototyping

Founder of the music projects Nourish My Fame, Triple Sun, Nuku, Gladia Moony, Sine Ray - combining elements of trip-hop, ambient, experimental music, jazz and pop culture. He has performed in several musical formations, participated in several vocal and electronic albums, in numerous film compositions, audio-visual art and theatre performances bringing unconventional approach to the design and character of sound, a distinctive concept of contemporary electronic music, experimental elements, classical music and exotic musical genres. As a solo musician, he performs under the name Adam Volt and his eclectic compositions always bring a changing and alternative view of composition and artistic performance.

What I do


Video editing


Coding / Scripting

Music composition

Performance art


3D Modeling


Video Directing

Movie production of various formats starting in 2013 +

Still frames from various short movies / music videos.


Video content producing and editing in the style of classical YouTube storytelling.

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3D Modeling


Hard-surface 3D modeling in Blender 3D, animation and texturing with Substance Painter

Creating 3D assets with hard surface modeling in Blender 3D can be a highly enjoyable and rewarding experience for those interested in the field. Hard surface modeling refers to the creation of 3D models that feature sharp edges and flat surfaces, such as buildings, vehicles, and weapons.

As I work on my projects, I can watch as the creation takes shape and becomes more detailed with each step. This sense of progress and accomplishment is highly rewarding, especially when I am able to complete a project that I am proud of!


Eye catching

Use of AI generated textures and Substance Painter in combination adds variety and depth to any 3d asset.

Allurio template service icon

Low-poly and

Working both in high polygonal and low polygonal detail adds usability in variety of cases.

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Fast and exact

Send me any blueprint and I can effectively turn it into perfect 3D representation. Including complicated devices.

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Ready for
game engines

Unreal and Unity 3D tested and optimalised workflow fully fitted for art of a specified project and it's art direction.



And the art of layering spectrum of sound & generative synthesis

Modular synthesizers are synthesizers composed of separate modules for different functions. The modules can be connected together by the user to create a patch. The outputs from the modules may include audio signals, analog control voltages, or digital signals for logic or timing conditions. Typical modules are voltage-controlled oscillators, voltage-controlled filters, voltage-controlled amplifiers and envelope generators.


Sound Effects

Essential Sound Effects library - Mister Horse for After Effects - 2019

One of a few sample libraries I've built with combination of recording techniques, generative synthesis and tons of editing while layering all of the elements into one complex package.


Motion picture sound editing and music composition - 2014

Sit back and enjoy this audio-visual experience animated by Marta Prokopova. Movie was mixed for 7.1 cinema sound-system however this you can enjoy in stereo on your device!


Collaboration with ausgang.tech

Collaboration with Alex Zelina and Radovan Dranga as a sound-designer for installations. I've used spatial technologies and acoustics modification of speakers systems alongside resonators to add digital "words" and character to the objects so they feel alive and sing in digital symphony.

More @ ausgang.tech

Music & Bands ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ 2020 - now

Adam Volt

Singer - Songwriter, Alt. Rock, Jazz - 2022, Vienna

Adam Volt is a sound-designer, composer, pianist and aspiring vocalist with a history of experience in many musical projects such as Nourish My Fame, Gladia Moony and Triple Sun. In his latest solo project, he brings vocal music with a touch of psychedelic-rock, avant-pop with jazz elements. An eclectic mix of English vocal songs accompanied by piano, electric guitar, percussion and synth. This session was performed in this line-up. The combination of live synths, piano lines, electric guitar, sub-bass sounds and percussion such as darbuka, djembe and cajon thus offered a colorful range of musical expression full of dynamics and unexpected twists and turns. Enjoy the whole session.

- In Between Books

Adam Volt live
Adam Volt live
Adam Volt live
Adam Volt live
Adam Volt live
Adam Volt live
Music & Bands ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ 2019 - 2016

Gladia Moony

Music production, composition, avant-pop - 2015, Bratislava

Gladia Moony is a four member synth-pop band from Bratislava: Alex Lukáčová (vocals), Adam Dekan (synths), Martin Kosorín (bass/synth) a Martin Madro (drums). This debut EP talks about separation, loneliness, addiction to technology and robots as well as sexuality and people’s development. Originally there were 15 songs. The genre is something like electropop with a drop of movie-like drama as James Bond or Blade Runner. Some of the tracks have passed through a dynamic development and had been made into 8 different versions; from jazz to techno. You can also hear Martin Iľanovský aka DJ Tasun synthesizers in the song Just a Step.

- Released on: ajlavmjuzik.com

Music & Bands ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ 2013 - 2016


Music composition, film music, experimental - 2013, Bratislava / Berlin

From Bratislava, the duo Triple Sun are making spontaneous, ethereal music with a combination of modular and computational tools. Against a flickering black-and-white film, this video last year is one of my favorites. “Sprint,” the film at top, is a metaphor for “running into the future, changing view,” Triple Sun’s Adam Dekan tells us. Modular synthesis and improvisation in the opening morph into an earlier sound design landscape, Adam says, back in the days when Triple Sun was a quartet (with guitar and drums). On Wednesday in Berlin, they’ll also look to spontaneous improvisation.

- Peter Kirn @ CDM.com

Music & Bands ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ 2010 - 2013


Music production, composition, pop genre - 2010, Bratislava

-Nauta- represents a fine balance of several musical genres including a catchy swing jazz composition whilst other songs are inspired by today’s electronic underground, trip-hop, uplifting pop and original experimental music in combination with micro beats and an orchestral undertone. The diversity of -Nauta- is held together by the airy vocals of Audrey and production originality of Adam Dekan who merge live orchestral instruments with organic electronic sounds.

Adam managed to build a band of 9 musicians performing his compositions that has succeeded in touring showcase festivals and performing major festival venues.


AI / Machine Learning

The future of my education lies in creating digital tools to help humanity be more creative.


Vienna, Austria

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